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Laser 01 - Melasma treatment : from A to Z Read More
Filler 01 - Filler Talks featured by Two Masters (Video Lecture)Read More
Thread 01 - Back to the basics of thread liftRead More
Acne 01 - Retractable acne: from basic approach to practical managementRead More
Hair Loss - Awesome Hair Style: Perfection of Attractive Facial FrameRead More
Rosacea - Rosacea : Updated treatments and functional medicineRead More
Biostimulator & Skin booster - Biostimulator, where are we up to now? Read More
Vascular - Control of vascular condition: Destruction, suppression, and promotionRead More
Skin Disease - What's New in Atopic dermatitis? Read More
VCosmeceuticals - The more you know skin type, the better you can choose cosmeceuticals Read More

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