Scientific Program

Belotero Room

All dates are based on Korean standard time(GMT +9)

16:15-16:30 Opening Ceremony
Filler 01 Fundamentals for optimal filler treatment
16:30-17:00 Facial anatomy for safe filler injection Won Sug Jung (Korea)
17:00-17:30 Complications of filler treatment (blindness or necrosis)? Choon Shik Yoon (Korea)
17:30-17:40 Q&A
17:40-17:55 Break
Filler 02 Filler master's session
17:55-18:35 The way of being a filler expert Soo-Keun Lee (Korea)
18:35-18:55 Emerging trends in skin quality improvement- the use of cohesive HA filler for better outcomes Martina Kerscher (Germany)
18:55-19:05 Q&A
19:05-19:20 Break
Filler 03 Filler battle for lower face
19:20-19:35 My treatment for lower face (video) Hyojin Roh (Korea)
19:35-19:50 My treatment for lower face (video) Chang Sik Kim (Korea)
19:50-20:05 Debate
20:05-20:15 Break
Filler 04 Filler battle for mid face
20:15-20:30 My treatment for mid face (video) Seung Gyu Lee (Korea)
20:30-20:45 My treatment for mid face (video) Woonkyong Chung (Korea)
20:45-21:00 Debate My treatment for mid face (video)
21:00-21:10 Break
Filler 05 Filler battle for upper face
21:10-21:25 My treatment for upper face (video) Chul Hwang (Korea)
21:25-21:40 My treatment for upper face (video) Ho-Joon Yoon (Korea)
21:40-21:55 Debate

Oligio Room

16:15-16:30 Opening Ceremony
EBD 01 Fundamentals of EBD lifting
16:30-16:45 Histopathologic change of cutaneous aging Jisun Cha (USA)
16:45-17:00 The history and future of lifting using EBD Chang Hun Huh (Korea)
17:00-17:15 The selection principles and application methods of RF & HIFU devices for optimal results Nariaki Miyata (Japan)
17:15-17:30 Consultation methods to enhance customer satisfaction in skin tightening and lifting treatments Woonkyong Chung (Korea)
17:30-17:40 Q&A
17:40-17:55 Break
EBD 02 Radiofrequency for lifting treatment
17:55-18:10 Theoretical background of RF device lifting Won-Serk Kim (Korea)
18:10-18:25 Critical factors to stimulate collagen and elastin of aged skin Suzanne Linsmeier Kilmer (U.S.A.)
18:25-18:40 How to use RF device for better lifting result DongHye Suh (Korea)
18:40-18:55 Facial skin rejuvenation using Korean monopolar radiofrequency device, Oligio Jungyoon Moon (Korea)
18:55-19:05 Q&A
19:05-19:20 Break
EBD 03 Focused ultrasound for facial lifting treatment
19:20-19:35 Theoretical background of HIFU device lifting Joo Yeon Ko (Korea)
19:35-19:50 Korean gold standard for skin tightening and lifting: A new paradigm for hyper-personal lift Kyou Chae Lee (Korea)
19:50-20:05 What we have to know for the individualized treatment of face lifting with HIFU technology Jonathan TePeng Tseng (Taiwan)
20:05-20:20 Combined treatment for aging face with radiofrequency and intense focused ultrasound Byung Gi Bae (Korea)
20:20-20:30 Q&A
20:30-20:45 Break
EBD 04 Various EBDs for lifting treatment
20:45~21:00 Optimal treatment strategies in EBD  for  Antiaging treatment Miriam Emily Piansay-Soriano (Philippines)
21:00~21:15 The hidden therapeutic target: 300 um Hyojin Roh (Korea)
21:15~21:30 A valuable review on needle RF Jae Yong Barn (Korea)
21:30~21:45 Radiofrequency irradiation attenuates inflammation in uvb-induced rosacea in mouse skin. Joonhong Park (Korea)
21:45~21:55 Q&A


16:15~16:30 (15분) Opening Ceremony
16:30~17:40 (70분)   Fundumentals of EBD lifting  
16:30~16:45 (15분) Anatomy for lifting treatment using RF and HIFU 오창근(오즈피부과)
16:45~17:00 (15분) The history and future of lifting using EBD 허창훈
17:00~17:15 (15분) Counseling approaches for high satisfaction of lifting patients 정운경
17:15~17:30 (15분) (미정) 미정(해외)
17:25~17:40 (10분) Q&A  
  15분 Break time
17:55~19:05 (70분)   RF device for lifting  
17:55~18:10 (15분) Theoretical background of RF device lifting 김원석
18:10~18:25 (15분) How to use RF device for better lifting result 서동혜 (아름다운나라피부과)
18:25~18:40 (15분) (미정) 미정 (해외)
18:40~18:55 (15분) (미정) 미정 (해외)
18:55~19:05 (10분) Q&A  
  15분 Break time
19:20~20:30 (70분)   Focused ultrasound device for lifting  
19:20~19:35 (15분) Theoretical background of HIFU device lifting 고주연
19:35~19:50 (15분) How to use HIFU device for better lifting result 성현철(닥터스피부과)
19:50~20:05 (20분) (미정) 미정 (해외)
20:05~20:20 (15분) (미정) 미정 (해외)
20:20~20:30 (10분) Q&A  
  15분 Break time
20:45~21:55 (70분)   Various EBDs for lifting  
20:45~21:00 (15분) Combination treatment for lifting using RF and HIFU 배병기(기분좋은피부과)
21:00~21:15 (15분) Lifting treatment using Needle RF 반재용
21:15~21:30 (15분) (미정) 미정 (해외)
21:30~21:45 (15분) (미정) 미정 (해외)
21:45~21:55 (10분) Q&A