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Hair Loss

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as of Feb 12, 2019​
Laser 01 Asian Experts' Methods for Treating Intractable Pigment Diseases
L01-1 Treatment of café au lait macule and other intractable pigmentations
L01-2 Treatment of complicated pigmented conditions induced by inappropriate EBD application
L01-3 Rhiel's melanosis combined with various skin problems
L01-4 How to minimize PIH after laser treatment in esthetic clinic
L01-5 Comparison of picosecond and Q-switched laser therapy of pigmented disorder
Laser 02 Acne: Diagnostic and Treatment Protocol from Korean Expert Dermatologists
L02-1 Analyzing the pattern of acne by cause and establishing a treatment plan
L02-2 Treatment of acne with medicine
L02-3 Treatment of acne with EBD
L02-4 Acne treatment by dermal remodeling
Laser 03 Treating Melasma, It's Not that Difficult Anymore
L03-1 Melasma pathogenesis and influencing factors for safe and effective treatment
L03-2 Treatment of refractory melasma in Asians with picosecond alexandrite laser
L03-3 Treatment of melasma using picosecond laser
L03-4 Significance of dermal milieu improvement in melasma treatment
L03-5 Unexpected side effects of treatment of melasma and how to deal with them
Laser 04 Knowing How to Treat Vascular Disease Will Make You Famous
L04-1 Differential diagnosis of vascular anomalies
L04-2 Laser treatment of infantile hemangioma and portwine stain
L04-3 Laser treatment of telangiectasia, venous lake, and pyogenic granuloma
L04-4 Clinical use of vascular lasers beyond vascular diseases
L04-5 How I treat this: Vascular lesions
Laser 05 EBD Treatment from the Bottom Up: Starting with Simple Pigmented Lesions
L05-1 Choice of wavelength and pulse duration when treating pigmented disorders: Mili/NS/MS/PS
L05-2 Treatment of blemishes using picosecond laser
L05-3 Treatment of pigmented blemishes using IPL
L05-4 Treatment of pigmented blemishes using long pulsed laser
L05-5 Treatment of pigmented blemishes using fractional laser
Laser 06 Rosacea and Sensitive Skin from A to Z
L06-1 What we should know about rosacea
L06-2 The optimal use of rosacea medication
L06-3 Practical use of energy based devices for rosacea 1 - IPL
L06-4 Practical use of energy based devices for rosacea 2 - PDL
L06-5 Practical use of cosmetic products for rosacea & What we have to avoid for rosacea treatment
Laser 07 Picosecond Lasers: From the Basics to Up-to-date Uses (1)
L07-1 Highlights in the science behind interaction of picosecond pulses with human skin
L07-2 Removal of epidermal pigmentation using picosecond lasers with minimal post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
L07-3 Fractional picosecond lasers: A paradigm shift in melasma treatment
L07-4 Picosure®: The first line treatment option of choice for skin revitalization with no downtime (Sharing 5 year clinical experiences)
Laser 08 Overcoming the Pitfalls of Pore Management
L08-1 Better understanding the cause of large pores
L08-2 Key strategies in pore management according to skin type
L08-3 Picolaser for enlarged pores
L08-4 NdYAG and CO2 laser combination for pore treatment
L08-5 My therapeutic pearls - focus on radiofrequency
L08-6 Tips on combination treatment for pore treatment
Laser 09 All about Acne Scars and Blemishes
L09-1 Picosecond laser: Can it work for enlarged pores & Acne scars?
L09-2 ICONTM: 1540 nm non-ablative fractional photothermolysis for scar and stria distensae
L09-3 Acne scar treatment with RF devices
L09-4 Acne scar treatment with fillers and chemical peelings
L09-5 Acne scar treatment with sublative and ablative fractional lasers
L09-6 Treatment of acne induced erythema
Laser 10 Drug Delivery System and EBD for Anti-aging
L10-1 Drug delivery system with laser: The efficacy in treatment of melasma with Thulium 1,927 nm fractional laser-assisted topical tranexamic acid delivery
L10-2 Drug delivery system with RF
L10-3 Thermage FLX
L10-4 Thermage FLX 2
L10-5 Tune your face to 40.68MHz: Unique collaboration of US x RF technology with a novel multimodal platform 'Accent Prime' for your face to look jUSt peRFect
Laser 11 Picosecond Lasers: From the Basics to Up-to-date Uses (2)
L11-1 Evolution and expanded utilization of picosecond laser in technological aspect
L11-2 Optimal treatments for Asian skin with picoplus
L11-3 Picosecond laser and filler combination treatment for acne scars
L11-4 How to optimize your picosecond laser tattoo removal parameters?
L11-5 Preparing appropriate dermal condition for picosecond laser practice
Laser 12 Needle Radiofrequency: EBD Fair to Various Asian Skin Types
L12-1 How much do you know about conductivity and impedance with RF devices for optimal result?
L12-2 We want to make synergy with monopolar and bipolar RF. Let me introduce my recipe
L12-3 Clinical use of paired needle RF on angulated insertion
L12-4 Microneedle fractional RF for the treatment of axillary osmidrosis
L12-5 Combination treatment of microneedle RF and fractional CO2 laser for scar and striae alba
as of Feb 12, 2019​
Filler & Toxin 01 Anatomy for Facial Injectables from Korean Anatomist
FT01-1 Understanding blood vessel path and insertion depth for safe filler injection: Based on different parts of face
FT01-2 Understanding fat, muscle & Bone aging for filler injection
FT01-3 Filler combined treatment for facial contouring in young patient
FT01-4 Filler combined treatment for facial rejuvenation in elderly patient
Filler & Toxin 02 Filler Treatments: Learn from Korean Experts (1) (Video Included)
FT02-1 Forehead & Temple correction
FT02-2 Antero-medial malar correction with yvoire filler
FT02-3 Sunken eye & Pretarsal roll
FT02-4 Tear trough & Eyebag area
Filler & Toxin 03 Toxin Treatments: Learn from the Korean Experts (Video Included)
FT03-1 Knowhow of toxin treatment for maximizing patient satisfaction in upper face
FT03-2 Knowhow of toxin treatment for maximizing patient satisfaction in lower face
FT03-3 Toxin tip
FT03-4 Toxin injection based on facial anatomy
Filler & Toxin 04 Dermal Rejuvenation & Correction with Injectables
FT04-1 Dermal rejuvenation with PDRN and PN
FT04-2 Dermal rejuvenation and scar treatment with PRP
FT04-3 Hydrolifting for dermal rejuvenation
FT04-4 Treatment patient with Belkyra
Filler & Toxin 05 Anatomy for Toxin Injection from Korean Anatomist and What's New in Toxin Treatment
FT05-1 Anatomy of musculature for toxin injection
FT05-2 Botulinum toxin effect on blood vessel, ssebaceous gland, and fibroblast
FT05-3 Botulinum toxin antibody formation and solutions
FT05-4 Vascular complication of fillers
Filler & Toxin 06 Filler Treatments: Learn from the Korean Experts (2) (Video Included)
FT06-1 Fat replacement for dermatologic defect
FT06-2 Eye bags - Inject or surgery? Considerations and injection techniques
FT06-3 Teosyal RHA - The new generation of dynamic fillers
FT06-4 Chin, prejowl sulcus, labiomental fold
FT06-5 Nasolabial fold, lip & upper lip wrinkle
Filler & Toxin 07 Learn from the Masters 1) How to Avoid and Solve Complications in Filler Treatment 2) How to Choose Appropriate Filler: Hard or Soft Filler
FT07-1 Clinical use of triple frequency therapeutic ultrasound (LDM-Triple) in cosmetic dermatology: Combination with botulinum toxin, fillers, and threads lifting
FT07-2 Proper filler selection for different parts of face and maintanance period?
FT07-3 Injectable paradox: The dangers of volume based injection
FT07-4 Vascular Complications in filler injection
Filler & Toxin 08 VIDEO SESSION with Masters: Advanced Filler Injection & Debate (1)
FT08-1 Upper face: Forehead & Temple
FT08-2 Upper face: Temple
FT08-3 Paradigm changes from filling to lifting by Juvederm
Filler & Toxin 09 VIDEO SESSION with Masters: Advanced Filler Injection & Debate (2)
FT09-1 Cheek: Anteromedial, lateral & Buccal cheek depression
FT09-2 Nasolabial fold & Marionette line
FT09-3 Perioral: Chin, prejowl sulcus, labiomental fold, lip & Upper lip wrinkle
Filler & Toxin 10 VIDEO SESSION with Masters: Advanced Toxin Injection & Debate
FT10-1 Upper face: Forehead & Glabellar, Mid & Lower face: Periorbtial, Perioral & Massetter
FT10-2 Hyperhidrosis
FT10-3 Toxin Tip
Filler & Toxin 11 How to Avoid and Solve Complications in Toxin Treatments and Tips from Korean Toxin Experts
FT11-1 Causes of side effects and solutions: Upper face
FT11-2 Causes of side effects and solutions: Mid/Lower face
FT11-3 My experience in minimal dosing and trends in toxin uses in facial aesthetics in Asians
FT11-4 Lifting & Contouring by use of toxin
as of Feb 12, 2019​
Thread 01 [MUST KNOW] I Can Start Korean GangNam Style Threads Lifting Now!
T01-1 Overview of the Korean threads treatment: From birth to present and future
T01-2 Anatomy-based adhesion points for repositioned SMAS and soft tissues
T01-3 PDO physics; Basic theory of the PDO rejuvenation
T01-4 COG thread lifiting for the beginners: Simple insertion combined with PLLA
T01-5 The current surge of aesthetic dermatology in Tokyo with N-COG thread lifting, injectable fillers and machine-based treatment
Thread 02 Expert Designed Fascinating Facial Scrupturing with Threads
T02-1 MONO PDO thread and Gold thread lift
T02-2 Brazilian threads lift
T02-3 Double fixed pyramid thread lifiting
T02-4 Combination treatment with absobable threads and fillers
T02-5 Alternative treatment for deep static wrinkle with absorbale thread as solid filler
Thread 03 New Indications of Threads Never Tried Before
T03-1 Eyebrow lifting with threads
T03-2 The effect of rejuvenation for lower eyelid treated with thread lift (Derma-Spring Eye) and filler injection
T03-3 Nose augmentation with threads
T03-4 Lower face lifting with barbed thread
T03-5 Face lift with N-FIX
as of Feb 12, 2019​
Anti-aging 01 My Approach to Fight Against Time Dependent Aging & Photoaging
A01-1 Key points of chronilogic aging and photoaging
A01-2 TuneFace, a unique radiofrequency device suitable for “customized” skin tightening and contouring by targeting 6 different depths
A01-3 My approach for neck wrinkle treatment
A01-4 My approach for facial contouring
A01-5 My inside out approach for anti-aging skin
Anti-aging 02 [Video workshop] Advanced Anti-aging Surgery: The Dogma-breaking Concepts
A02-1 Facial muscle rehabilitation treatment: A new magic horizon for facial anti-aging
A02-2 [Eye bag] Adjustment of retaining ligaments with injectables for the treatment of tear troughs, eye bags, and Indian bands
A02-3 [Midface] Midface volume augmentation: How to avoid or overcome the common mistakes and pitfalls (1. Deep Cheek Volumization (DCV) / 2. Nasolabial fold / 3. Anterior cheek / 4. Lateral cheek)
A02-4 [Lower face line] An ideal tissue damage minimizing solution for jowl & lower face-line: Extremely delicate interstitial ultrasound-assisted lipolysis
as of Feb 12, 2019​
Hair Loss 01 Attractive Hair Style: Completion of K-beauty Facial Frame
H01-1 Female hairline correction technique
H01-2 Update of hair transplantation for male pattern baldness
H01-3 Hair restoration: Past, now and future
H01-4 EBD for hair restoration treatment
H01-5 FUE
H01-6 Clinical tips of hair restoration
H01-7 Hair transplantation in China
as of Feb 12, 2019​
Cosmetic 01 Cosmeceuticals in K-beauty: Dermatological Perspective and Application
C01-1 Overview of cosmeceuticals in dermatological field
C01-2 Basic concept of epidermal permeability barrier and barrier repair therapy
C01-3 Tips for the proper selection of basic cosmeceuticals
C01-4 Functional cosmetics in Japan: Focus on whitening and anti-wrinkle products
C01-5 Transcutaneous topical delivery: Future of cosmeceuticals?
as of Feb 12, 2019​
Corrective Dermatology 01 Resolving Difficult and Intractable Blemishes and Scars
CD01-1 Operation and acne scar treatment with EBD: Non-ablative fractional lasers
CD01-2 Keloid and acne scar treatment with surgical technique
CD01-3 CROSS technique, from genesis to recent innovation
CD01-4 Revaluate subcision method for various scars and skin rejuvenation

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